Welcome to our gay leather gear category within our gay fetish shop area. We have Leather Harnesses, Jocks, cock and fetish gear. High quality gear for hot, sexy and fun times.

Gay Leather Gear

We love us some Gay leather in the Gay Fetish Shop are of Bent. What do we like about it? Everything, down to the way is smells, looks and feels. All products are high quality leather and most of our products are being supplied to us from the UK. We have some classic harnesses, jockstraps and cock gear on this page. But fetish lovers, fear not, there is plenty of other gear as well. How about a horny leather leg spreader to make sure the legs are spread at all times, ready for action. Also popular are the leather collars and leather padded cuffs. For those of you that have been naughty we present our leather flogger to give you a good whipping.

The benefits of Gay Leather adult gear.

Beside the fact that it looks bloody amazing there are other benefits to wear leather gear, especially when it comes to cock gear and some fetish items. For example, wearing a leather cock ring is much more comfortable than a metal cock ring, especially if you are wearing it for longer period of time. The same goes for cuffs, being tied up in some off our padded leather cuffs will leave you much more comfortable then when using metal cuffs. Leather is also very durable, and our products should last you for a very long time. Our gay leather harnesses will provide you with a super sexy look for many years. To keep your leather in tip top shape bag yourself some Mister B shine. A couple of sprays of this will keep your leather nice and shiny.

The most popular leather products are Harnesses, jockstraps and also the cock gear. Have a look at the camo products as these in particular fly of our virtual shelves. Leather is an area we will be expanding in, keep this page in your favourites so you can check out the new stuff. Another good way to keep up-to-date with new products and promotions is to sign up to our newsletter. Just scroll down to the bottom of our page and pop your email in the sign-up box, easy as that.

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