Electro Sex

Electro Sex

Welcome to our range of electric sex toys. We have a varied selection of Electro Stim toys that will not disappoint. Start with a stimulator pack and go from there.

Electric Sex Toys

This is were we sell some shockingly good products. Once you have started you do not want to stop. Begin your Electric Sex Toys journey with one of our stimulator packs and build from there. In our Gay Fetish Shop area we have anal toys, cock toys, lube and more. The masturbator is a best seller and will provide you with the very best wank you will ever have. You are in control of how strong you like the shocks. We have also inculded some special gel on this page, making this experience more comfortable. Please keep coming back to this page as we keep adding new products. We only add products we have tried ourselves so you know the quality will be good. This is also great for us and we cannot wait till the next lot of new products arrive.

Popular Electric Sex Toys

This range keeps growing but so far the most popular products are the anal toys and the cock rings. Make sure you buy a stimulator first so you can control the other products. The rings and loops are much loved. Some of the feedback from the testers is that they have never enjoyed masturbation or sex so much. The shocks that go through your balls and penis whilst enjoying the action is great. As far as the anal toys are concerned, who does not want "shockingly" good anal sex?

We ship all over the world and pack our parcels discreetly. If you want to keep up to date with our new electric sex toys then please sign up to our newsletter. This will keep you up to date with all our new products and promotions we have towards our Gay Fetish Shop area at Bent.

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