Underwear & Clothing

Underwear & Clothing

Gay clothes such as Underwear, swimwear, tops, sock, singlets and more from the biggest brands for the best prices. New products added regularly and clearance items updated.

Gay Clothes

Welcome to our fashion area where we offer you some of the best gay underwear, jocks, sock, harnesses, short tops and more available. We have a large selection of underwear from various brands. In addition, we have some great swimwear styles, sports wear, jocks, socks and fetish gear. Most of our collections are seasonal but we aim to keep our best sellers in stock at all times. We choose the styles based on how it fits on a male body and are especially keen on those items that accentuate the good parts of the male form and there are plenty of good parts, ha ha.

Gay clothes brands in store

Throughout the season we look for what our main brands have to offer and it is often a lot, which means lots of choice for you. In our store the main brands are Addicted, Pump, Mister B, Box Menswear, Teamm8 and ES Collection. We also have various really nice smaller brands that offer some great sexy gay clothes.

Please note that some brand areas are relatively new and we will be adding new styles and items to these. This is definitely a growth area that we are very excited about and we hope you are too. Let us know how you are finding our collection by leaving a review on an item you have enjoyed wearing.

Now, go and have a look and see what gay clothes have your name on it and wear them proud.

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