Leather Neck to Wrist Restraints - Black

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Fully adjustable padded wrist-cuffs. Made from Real Leather. Explore Restraint Play. Enhance your sex life by placing trust in your partner and give in totally. Comfortable but firm restraints, great for prolonged play.

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This Leather Neck to Wrist Restraints - Black is the ultimate addition to any BDSM Collection. Made from real Leather, superb quality and durable, fully adjustable, padded wrist cuffs. Giving a comfortable but firm restraint, great for prolonged play.

Why should you explore Restraints? See why Bondage and Restraints are appealing. Giving a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness can be a major turn on.

Increased Heightened Sensation - If you remove one of your sensations as in this case touch then you increase your other sensations so everything is magnified. A restraint stops the submissive from touch. This then intensifies when the Dominant touches, strokes or kisses, giving a superb erotic sensation play,

Trust - Putting yourself in this vulnerable position, explores your ability to give yourself totally to your partner, and this requires complete trust. This will allow you and your partner to connect on an entirely new level. Boundaries can be explored, but never overstepped

Submission - Relax and experience something new and explore being dominated, especially if you have never explored this before, it could add an electric charge to the restrain play. Submitting to your partner can be extremely exciting for both of you. Having no control over what’s to come, leads to feelings of anticipation that inspire intense physical responses. Seeing your Partner take charge can be incredibly exhilarating too.

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