Oxballs UK sex toys are seriously good and WILL ADD to your sex session. HUNKY JUNK is also made by Oxballs. Cock slings, sheaths, plugs and many more products to support your manhood and provide intense pleasure. High quality and known for the stretch and fit quality of the material. We offer great prices, so give it go and enjoy!

Oxballs UK

For many years now Oxballs has been one of the best-selling brands in our store, They also make HUNKY JUNK. There is good reason for this as they seem to focus on products that actually increase not only the fun element of using sex toys but also functionality. The cock rings and slings for example, are made of a stretch material that provides a comfortable, snug fit. This fit allows for an optimised blood flow keeping your erection harder for longer. The ball stretchers create extra sensations. We have different sizes for those that want an extra stretch to the balls. The Oxballs Squeeze is one of our top selling ball stretchers.

Oxballs Fetish Gear

Many of the Oxballs UK sex toys are targeted to the more hardcore and fetish guys. The Chastity, Cock Sheath and Nipple Play products are a great example of this. The sheaths in particular are very popular. Also made from stretch material these cock sheaths are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and most of all, great to use. They provide extra length and girth. They strap on like a cock and ball ring ensuring that within the sheath you stay rock hard and enjoy all the action with maximum effect. We get our products direct from the supplier and are therefore able to offer you the very best prices. For those of you that have never used Oxballs products before, we highly recommend them. Our sex toy testers have all provided great feedback and given full marks to the entire range. Also on this page, are the toys from HunkyJunk, as these are made by the very same team that provides us with the Oxballs range.

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