Leather Chest Harness - Black/Blue

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Has buckle straps, fully adjustable made from great quality, durable leather, and extremely comfortable to wear, giving you the best fit possible. Perfect for Fetish or Sex Parties, and can be worn with just Jeans, Shorts, Jockstraps or a full fetish leather outfit like a leather jockstrap and Chaps

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This Leather Chest Harness - Black/Blue comes with fully adjustable buckle straps, made from great quality, durable leather, extremely comfortable to wear, and adjusts to give you the best fit possible.

Perfect for Fetish Parties, and can be worn with most things, such as Jeans, Shorts, Jockstraps and chaps

If there’s one item a gay man should try out or own, has to be the traditional leather harness. Whether you’re a hard-core fetishist, bear, or party clubber a good quality leather chest harness can make you look and feel incredibly sexy from the moment you put it on, and is very easy to pair up: from jeans to shorts to jocks to no underwear at all. Leather has always been part of the gay lifestyle, since back in the 1950's when bands of gay men broke off from the idea that gay men were somehow naturally feminine, and chose leather as their emblem for a more masculine look.

Leather was incredibly popular at one point that there were even leather bars and clubs with looks that went far beyond a simple harness. Full leather could mean leather underwear, chaps, jockstraps going all the way down, in a look that was meant to be both aggressive and progressive.

So why has the harness still remained popular whilst many other leather pieces have not? According to our customer, who wear them regularly it's for one simple reason. They're hot. Those who wear them enjoy the way it makes them look, and makes them feel very sexy when they go to the party sporting just a little bit of leather on their body. And now with the rise of spandex harnesses, gay guys don't have to spend too much to be able to enjoy the attention a leather harness usually gets.

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