Adjustable Leg Spreader Bar 

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Adjustable Leg spreader with replaceable leather cuffs, great for intense penetration and face to face positions

Great Value for your foray into BDSM Sex Play

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Mix it up with your partner and spice up your sex life with this adjustable leg spreader bar. Made from strong but lightweight metal it creates a strong enough restraint that is rigid and exciting enough to fulfil all your erotic BDSM dreams. Draws legs wide open before locking them into position.

The cuffs are replaceable and easy for regular useage

The adjustable leg spreader allows you to put your lover in a spread leg position that helps you achieve a much deeper penetration. Also you can hold onto the bar to increase control in face-to-face positions with the added bonus of restricting your partner

Its designed to have a multitude of benefits, keeping your legs open for easy access and stimulation while totally restrained giving your partner an incredibly intense sensation. Imagine all the different positions you can place each other in, find that ideal spot that works for both of you and explore

Bar with extension is 38 inches., and without extension is 24 inches.

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Adjustable - 24 inches to 38 inches

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