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Here you will find the best lubes, butters, powders and creams for great sex. For masturbating, anal play, fucking, fisting or desensitizing lubes, we have it all. All the brands at great prices. Have a look and enjoy.

All about Gay lube

If you're not using lube when you have sex, you're doing it wrong! Seriously, lube is essential for a good time in the bedroom. 

This is why:

It makes sex more enjoyable. Let's face it, sex can be dry. But with lube, things get nice and slippery, which makes the experience more pleasurable for both partners. Plus, it reduces friction and prevents chafing. It can make sex last longer. Dryness can lead to pain, and pain can lead to premature ejaculation. But with lube, you can keep going and going and going... It makes anal play more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved. We have some desensitising anal lube that might be worth considering for those that are new to anal sex or just tight. It's safe for all types of sex. Whether you're using condoms, sex toys, or other types of toys, lube can help keep things feeling good. When using gay lube in combination with toys or condoms make sure you us a water based or hybrid lube. Silicone and oil based lubes are not always compatible. It's easily accessible and relatively inexpensive. It doesn't have to cost a fortune as you can see on this page.

Have a look at this page and see how gay lube changes your sex life for the better!

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