Delay Spray and Cream

Delay Spray and Cream

For those that might get ready too soon we have delay sprays for men and also some creams. Last longer when enjoying the action. This is a step towards "how to be better in bed"

Delay Spray for Men

One of the most frustrating things that can happening when enjoying some action is "getting there" too soon. For this very reason, and for those that wonder how to be better in bed, we have some great delay sprays available. The products on this page are all very easy to use and will not distract from the activity. A lot of products we have tested did not make the grade. On this page we only offer delay spray for men that received positive feeback from our testers.

Best selling Delay Spray for Men

We feel it is always helpfull to let you know which products sell the best. This is a good indication that the products are effective for our customer. Another good way to make an informed decision is to have a look through the reviews. In our store the best selling delay sprays are;

1. Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray, in this spray the active ingredient is tannic acid, derived from oak bark. This has a a contracting effect and in combination with panthenol, it gives a desensitizing effect. One or two squirts should be enough.

2. Mister B Delay Spray, this delay spray for men is made by Mister B and these guys are always at the top of their game when it comes to making products for male play. Spray 1-3 times and wait for a few seconds.

3. Stud D-lay Spary, another best seller. This has been around for many years and has never stopped selling. Included in this spray are Valerian Officinalis which is part of the reason for it's effectiveness.

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