Urethral Sounds

Urethral Sounds

gay urethral sounding is a super intense feeling like no other. It will go from an little uncomfortable feeling to an "oh my god" orgasm. We have a quality collection at great prices and free shipping with orders over £20

Gay Urethral Sounding

There is actually nothing gay about it as men from all preferences love this. But as our store is mostly targeted to gay men, we like to throw that word around. For those who have not had the pleasure, get ready for some very intense pleasure. The movement of a sound through your urethra is extremely pleasurable. At the beginning it might feel a bit weird and uncomfortable but trust us when we say that it leads to good time. Gay Urethral Sounding can be a great addition to foreplay and has been known to improve erections. On this page in our gay fetish shop area we have selected high quality product to ensure best results. The sounds come in various sizes and we have them in 100% medical grade premium silicone or stainless steel. Always make sure the sounds are clean.

How to insert a urethral sound

We can imagine that you might be a bit apprehensive about Gay Urethral Sounding, so here are a few tips and guidelines that might help you along the way.

Always clean your hands, penis and sound. We suggest that you use lots of clean water-based lube, this simply improves the journey and makes it more comfortable. Do not use a lube with numbing qualities. Now, start with a semi erect penis in one hand, then open the urethra and place the sound at the entrance and slowly enter. Take your time and do not force it. When the sound is in you can slowly go deeper and move it around, everybody is different so make the movements that feel the best to you. Experienced users have been known to go deep enough to allow the sound to massage the prostate, this however will take some knowledge and practice.

We have long, short, thick and thin sounds so you can choose where to start and also where the journey ends for you.

Now that you know how to insert a urethral sound, happy sounding! Please share your experiences with us by leaving a review on the product page. This will also allow future customers to make an informed decision on what product might be right for themt.

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