The Rocco Jack Daddy - Stroker

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Jack Daddy is a unique masturbator with a thumb grip band - perfect when  excess lubricant gets on to the outside

Its made of the supersoft luxurious material SilaSkin™

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This Rocco Jack Daddy - Stroker is a magnificently designed masturbator that has included design elements you will not find with any other masturbator in the market.

Its made of the supersoft luxurious material SilaSkin™ and has a unique thumb grip band - useful when lubricant gets squeezed on to the outside

You can also use it when semi erect because of the extra large opening, and fits most average sized penises

Silaskin - is made up of Silicone and TPR - giving a luxurious sensual feel and texture, that can easily be stretched without losing its shape - Compatible with all Lubes but not Latex!!

Perfect Fit Brand has teamed up with the porn star ROCCO STEELE, because of their commitment to Inclusivity and sexual health for all Gay men - The motto for the line is "Think Big",both words are equally important here,. BIG being partly a nod to the size of Rocco's Cock Size, and THINK is also pointed at thinking, being a big part of Sex and Sexuality.

Rocco Steele has always been a very passionate advocate in educating his followers in the importance of being aware of HIV, Gay History and Aging - its important to share and educate the next generation. Together we can achieve anything


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