Desensitising anal lube

It is not easy for everybody to enjoy anal sex from the start. Say hit to our range of desensitising anal lube. Great for beginners or those that are into serious play.

Let's face it, anal sex can be a bit daunting for first timers. It's not uncommon to feel a little bit nervous about trying something new, especially when that new thing involves your backside. That's where desensitising anal lube come in! These specialised lubricants contain ingredients that help to reduce sensation in the area, making for a more relaxed and comfortable experience.

How does desensitising anal lube work?

Desensitising lubricants work by temporarily numbing the nerves in the area. By reducing sensation in the area, desensitising anal lubricants can help you to relax and enjoy yourself without feeling any discomfort.

What Are the Benefits of Using Desensitising anal Lube?

There are several benefits to using desensitising lubricants, including:

- Reduced discomfort during anal sex

- Increased relaxation

- More enjoyable experience

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