Malesation Silicone Butt Plug Black - Extra Large

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Malesation Silicone Butt Plug Black - Extra Large

The Malesation Silicone Butt Plug Black - Extra Large is the perfect choice for those looking to explore the exciting world of anal stimulation. With its classic and clever design, the plug can be inserted gently and precisely to target the areas that need it most. It's the perfect option for those who are new to anal stimulation and would like to train their muscles too.

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Malesation Silicone Butt Plug Black - Extra Large

Introducing Malesation's Silicone Butt Plug Black-Extra Large! This classic anal plug is thoughtfully designed to provide comfortable and enjoyable anal stimulation.

With its ideal conical shape, the plug can slide in easily yet securely, while the powerful suction cup lets it stay firmly in place on any slippery surface. Moreover, the wide base provides extra safety for users since it prevents the plug from being fully inserted.

This high-quality silicone plug manages to combine thrill with safety and practicality, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore the pleasures of anal stimulation. And, for an added convenience, the plug comes with a satin bag for storage that keeps the plug clean and ready to use whenever you want.

So, why hesitate? Invest in the Malesation Silicone Butt Plug Black-Extra Large today and experience a new level of pleasure!

Material: silicone, soft, flexible, odorless, easy to clean and waterproof. 


Total length: approx. 13.35 cm (5.26 inch), 
Insertable length: approx. 11.50 cm (4.53 inch),
Diameter approx. max. 7.10 cm (2.80 inch), 
weight: approx. 339 g 

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