Lube Shooter - 3 Disposable Lube Shooters - Red

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Put your favourite lube exactly where you want it with this set of 3 easy-to-use disposable lube shooters tube applicator syringe
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Avoid any messy situations with the easy-to-fill applicator tubes. Use the exact amount of lube every time, dispense and clean after use.

What makes this set of disposable lube shooters so great:
- Includes 3 shooters, let's get the party started!
- Puts lube between the cheeks, not on the sheets!
- An ideal way for you and your partner to lube up.

Top tip: Don't double-dip - make sure to use a clean barrel each time!) The hypodermic-style construction guarantees that you won't spill a drop on your partner or on your sheets till you press down the plunger.

- Remove plunger.
- Pour lube into the shooter.
- Remove cap, replace plunger and depress until lube oozes from tip.
- Gently insert Lube Shooter into your favourite place and slowly depress the plunger.

• Applicator: 5in/12.7cm from base to tip
• Applicator: 1in/2.54cm in circumference
• Plunger: 4 in/10.16cm from base to tip
• Plunger: ½ in/1.27cm in circumference

Colour: Red

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Size Chart

Applicator: 5 inch / 12.7cm from base to tip
Applicator: 1 inch / 2.54cm in circumference
Plunger: 4 inch / 10.16cm from base to tip
Plunger: ½ inch / 1.27cm in circumference

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