Mister B Fist Powder 70g

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Mister B Fist Powder has been researched, tried and tested and this 70 gram (in 100ml bottle) is enough to make you 2 litres of great quality fisting lube for hardcore anal sessions!

This product is currently not availbale so we would recommend the original J lube instead till new stock comes back in


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Mix it with water to get the thickness you like. Shake/mix or stir a teaspoon of powder in 100ml of warm water and let it rest for a while. Adjust powder in line with the thickness of fisting lube you prefer. The harder you shake or stir, the smoother the mix will get. Don't worry about any tiny lumps as they will resolve within 15 minutes.

Why buy Mister B fist Powder:

* One of the very best Fisting powders around
* Great price
* Easy to make and use

Made in a medical laboratory in Germany, Mister B Fist Powder has no added conservatives and is better for "internal use" in comparison to famous brands such as J lube. The powder can be kept for about 3 years but the Fisting lube needs to be used within 6 hours of mixing.

So if fisting is your thing, then Mister B Fist Powder is for you. Try it once and we feel confident you will come back for more....


Enjoy your sessions! 

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