ElectraStim KIX Electro Sex Stimulator

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ElectraStim KIX Electro Sex Stimulator

Great introduction kit to the world of electro sex.

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ElectraStim KIX Electro Sex Stimulator

Enter the amazing world of electro sex with the KIX from market leader ElectraStim. Add a little buzz to your play!

Instead of numbered levels, KIX displays intensity as a spectrum thanks to the colour-changing central LED. KIX phases through an intensity range with silky smoothness for a more gradual and fine-tuned experience that’s reflected visually in a full colour palette.

KIX encourages users to experiment and play by feel; and is simple to operate with touchpad control for seamless and uncomplicated e-stim at your fingertips.

KIX boasts 5 built-in stimulation pattens; including a versatile ‘Sweep n Keep’ mode that changes the frequency of the stimulation alongside intensity for a huge number of different sensation combinations. In simple terms, the frequency of the current changes the ‘smoothness’ of the stimulation; higher frequencies feel smoother and more tickly while lower frequencies are more rumbly and similar to vibrations. By playing around with intensity and frequency users will be able to experience just how unique electro-sex can be. One of the most interesting characteristics of electro is how different it can feel for each person- or even every time you try it!

KIX Specifications:
-       Single Output
-       Colour spectrum of stepless intensity control- approx 40 seconds from beginning to end if intensity UP is continuously held.
​​-   ‘Sweep n Keep’ frequency select mode 
-       Unique ‘colour-phase’ LED display
-       Touchpad intensity controls
-       5 pre-programmed patterns
-       Pocket-sized design with soft-touch finish
-       USB rechargeable – approx. 3 hours continuous play (depending on intensity)
-       Compatible with all ElectraStim intro and surface play accessories
-       Multi-language instructions included (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES, IT)
-       Free Extendable Warranty (3 years)


* KIX Stimulator

* 2 x conductive pads

* ElectraStim output cable

* USB micro charging cable

* Microfibre storage bag

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