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BRUTUS Graduated Ball Stretchers are the perfect choice. With three different lengths to choose from, comfortable moulded silicone, and a durable design, these stretchers provide everything you need for an extreme stretching experience.

So go ahead and choose the perfect amount of stretch for you – BRUTUS has got you covered.

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If you're looking to enhance your pleasure during solo play or with a partner, ball stretching can be a game-changer. While it's not for everyone, it's a common practice among men who enjoy an intense orgasm, a bulging look and increased staying power during sex. However, choosing the right ball stretcher can be overwhelming. That's why we want to introduce you to the BRUTUS Graduated Ball Stretchers that come in three different lengths so you can choose the perfect stretch for you.

Let's explore the benefits of ball stretching and why the BRUTUS Graduated Ball Stretchers are the perfect choice. Ball stretching is not only done for the purpose of vanity; it can also help increase the intensity of orgasms, as well as prolong sexual pleasure. It's done by placing a ring around the scrotum, stretching the skin and drawing the testicles away from the body. This creates a bulging effect, which some men find visually stimulating, as well as increasing the sensation during sex.

BRUTUS Graduated Ball Stretchers provide the perfect amount of stretch, so you can experience maximum benefits without any discomfort. The BRUTUS Graduated Ball Stretchers come in three lengths: 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred amount of stretch. The internal diameter of the ring is 34mm, making it comfortable to wear for hours at a time without chafing or irritation. The smooth black silicone material is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those who have sensitive skin.


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Comes in Three Sizes, with an internal diameter of 34mm - 1.33"

2cm -0.75"

3cm -1"

4cm - 1.25"


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