BRUTUS Big Bulge - HyperSoft Silicone Cockring Set

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BRUTUS Toys' Hypersoft Liquid Silicone Cock Rings are an essential addition to any man's sex toy collection. With their stretchy and comfortable material, versatile sizes, and compatibility with other toys, they offer an enhanced sexual experience and an improved erection.

Moreover, their bulge effect adds another dimension to one's sex play, making them a must-have for anyone who wants to feel confident and ready for action. So, why wait? Indulge in the Hypersoft Bulge Set and experience pleasure like never before!

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Cock rings are one of the most exciting sex toys for men. Not only do they help in maintaining a stronger and harder erection, but they also add a certain edge to one's sex play. If you are someone who enjoys experimenting with sex toys, then you cannot miss out on the Hypersoft Liquid Silicone Cock Rings from BRUTUS Toys.

These rings are incredibly stretchy and feel amazing to the touch. BRUTUS Toys' Hypersoft Bulge Set of Liquid Silicone Cock Rings comes with four different-sized rings. Made with Shore Zero Liquid Silicone, these rings are of the best quality and provide a smooth and comfortable experience. Unlike other rings, these never pinch or feel sticky on the skin, making them an excellent choice for men who want a fuss-free experience.

The best part about these rings is that they can be stacked or combined to create a personalized experience according to your preferences. One of the perks of using these Hypersoft Liquid Silicone Cock Rings is that they provide an improved sexual experience. By tightening the base of the penis and trapping blood, they allow for a longer-lasting erection, making sex more intense and enjoyable.

Moreover, they are an excellent choice for men who want to show off their assets, as these rings have a bulge effect that will undoubtedly attract attention. Another advantage of the Hypersoft Bulge Set is that these rings are compatible with other sex toys. You can use them with a vibrator or masturbator to enhance the overall experience, making it more intense and pleasurable. They are also useful for men who experience delayed ejaculation, as they can help in controlling their orgasm and providing a more explosive release.

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26 mm | 32 mm | 38 mm | 44 mm


Liquid Silicone - Hypoallergenic


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