BRUTUS All Day Long Silicone Butt Plug Medium - Black

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Brutus have created a superior butt plug and taken the classic butt plug to the next level. The medium size is ideal who don't want anything too small nor too big! It's made from a super soft, high-grade silicone material which makes it go in easier than most and feels incredible when it's all the way in!

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This All Day Long Silicone Butt Plug is part of Brutus' incredible range of gay sex toys made from a high-grade silicone material that feels super soft which makes insertion and play smoother, easier, and more fun than most. The plug is available in small, medium, and large, with this medium sized plug ideal if you want something more filling than the entry level plug but are working yourself up to the largest size.

You can buy with confidence knowing that Brutus use high quality materials and have a quality range of gay sex toys. This silicone butt plug helps you stretch and prepare for the largest plug, for anal sex, for fisting, or just because you enjoy the filling feeling with your nerve endings teased with this inside you.

This butt plug can either be used for short term fun in the bedroom or for much longer insertions if you want to go about your daily business being full of this horny butt plug! It's easy to insert due to the hook and the super smooth soft silicone material. You can also retrieve it with ease whenever you want to pull it out.

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Size Chart

Diameter: 9 - 25 mm.
Length Total: 90 mm.
Length Insertable: 80 mm.

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