BRUTUS Open Wide Silicone Twin Tip Butt Plug Large - Black

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The BRUTUS Open Wide Silicone Twin Tip Butt Plug comes in a range of three sizes with this large size in the middle. The super soft silicone material will make inserting easier with the twin tips opening the further it goes in to give an incredibly horny feeling once it's fully inside you!

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This BRUTUS Open Wide Silicone Twin Tip Butt Plug Large has been designed with stretching you ready for deep anal play. The Open Wide range comes in three sizes so that you can build your anal stretching up. This large sized plug is the middle of the three and features 101 mm of insertable length that is 92 mm at its widest point once the twin tips are in and are fully open, stretching you out. The smart grip at the end will ensure that it stays in, and makes it easier to insert, as well as retrieve.

It's advised to start with the smaller (Medium) design first and it's easier to insert once you are aroused. Try playing with your cock and apply lube to your anus and inserting a few fingers first which allows time to relax your muscles and lets you explore. Also apply lubricant to the butt plug before inserting and pinch both tips together, plotting upwards slightly towards your stomach and slowly insert the plug. Continue walking with your spare hand if this makes it easier as you gradually push in the rest of the butt plug. Once inside, try squeezing your sphincter muscles around the butt plug plug for even more stimulation.

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Size Chart

Diameter 24 mm.
Width 36 - 92 mm.
Length Total 118 mm.
Length Insertable 101 mm.

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