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No matter what your reason for wanting to wear a jock strap—working out at the gym, kinky sex play, fetish gear—the ADDICTED Washed Camo Jock Strap is up for any challenge!

This stylish piece is designed with comfort in mind but also provides exceptional support in all the right places. Whether you’re playing sports or simply showing off your best assets, this jock strap will not disappoint!

Shop yours today and experience why this style is such an essential part of every wardrobe!

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When you think of jock straps, the first things that may come to mind are sweaty sports players and outdated gym equipment. However, jock straps have become so much more than just for sports. With the introduction of the comfortable and stylish ADDICTED Washed Camo Jock Strap, this piece of gear is perfect for anyone looking to spice up their workout routine or sex life.

For gym goers who don’t want a sweaty backside but like a visible penis line (VPL) peeking through their shorts, the ADDICTED Washed Camo Jock Strap is the perfect solution. It provides more support than regular underwear while keeping your body cool during workouts. The wide khaki elastic belt ensures maximum support and comfort, plus it has the ADDICTED logo on front for a bit of extra flair.

For those engaging in kinky sex play, wearing a jockstrap can add an extra layer of excitement to activities. Whether you’re into sniffing a sweaty partner or want easy access to certain areas, a jockstrap is almost required these days when it comes to gay sex—especially with the stylish look of the ADDICTED Washed Camo Jock Strap! Plus, it’s nice knowing your partner won’t be distracted by any chafing or discomfort during playtime.

When it comes to fetish gear and BDSM play, nothing beats the look and feel of a worn-in jockstrap. The lightweight material allows you to feel sexy while still providing enough coverage so that you can show off without feeling too exposed—a must-have for anyone into exhibitionism!

The strappy back of the ADDICTED Washed Camo Jock Strap looks great under loose clothing and adds an interesting texture when touched by hands or toys during playtime activities.

50% Polyester 50% Viscose

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