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Unleash your sensual power with the Breedwell Knockout Jockstrap. This Aqua Blue or White jock combines the allure of boxing shorts and classic jockstrap. The wider-than-normal waistband, adorned with a tantalizing metal-capped drawcord, accentuates your physique.

Embrace your deepest desires with Breedwell's "Dirty By Choice" motto. Experience enhanced assets, boosted confidence, and explore the taboo allure of jockstraps. Dare to indulge and let your desires take center stage.

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Ignite your passions and embrace your desires with the irresistibly sexy Breedwell Knockout Jockstrap. This tantalizing piece, available in Aqua Blue and White, seamlessly combines the sporty appeal of boxing shorts with the timeless charm of a classic athletic jockstrap. The standout feature of this seductive garment is its wider-than-normal waistband, accentuated by a captivating metal-capped drawcord that adds a touch of provocative allure.

Breedwell, a brand synonymous with fetish clothing, proudly embraces the motto "Dirty By Choice," inviting you to explore the depths of your deepest fantasies and indulge in your wildest desires. The Knockout Jockstrap not only exudes raw sex appeal but also offers a range of benefits that make it an iconic fetish item.

When you slip into a jockstrap, you instantly enhance your assets, as this enticing piece lifts and supports your package, showcasing your masculine physique in the most alluring way. The revealing nature of a jockstrap also boosts your confidence, allowing you to exude a powerful, self-assured aura that captivates and entices.

But why are jockstraps such an iconic fetish item? They embody a perfect fusion of taboo appeal, power dynamics, and versatility. Jockstraps, with their revealing design and association with sexual activities, have a captivating taboo allure that entices and excites. They play with power dynamics, allowing you to explore dominance and submission fantasies in a thrilling and arousing manner.

Additionally, jockstraps are incredibly versatile and can be seamlessly incorporated into a wide range of fetishes, from leather and rubber scenes to sports-themed role-playing, making them a staple in the world of fetish exploration. Unleash your inner desires and experience the undeniable allure of the Breedwell Knockout Jockstrap. Let the wider waistband and metal-capped drawcord accentuate your physique and draw attention to your most intimate areas.

As you delve into the world of "Dirty By Choice,"embrace the benefits of wearing a jockstrap: heightened confidence, enhanced assets, and the ability to explore a wide range of thrilling fetishes. It's time to indulge in your deepest fantasies and discover the true power of this iconic fetish item.

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67% Nylon - 20% Cotton - 13% Spandex

Machine wash - Cold

Country of Origin China
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