Stainless Steel Five Head Pinwheel

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This Stainless Steel Five Head Pinwheel is made of Superior Quality Stainless Steel to deliver different heightened sensations with five times the pleasure, either a teasing tickle to a more intense sharp scratch

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Our Stainless Steel five head Pinwheel is great for a soft sensory tickle to an intense prickle or scratch. It has five times the pleasure (or pain) whichever sensation you require to inflict. This essential sensation play bit of kit features five spiked rollers for stimulating larger parts of the body, or to really stimulate the smaller ones!

Roll with gentle pressure to produce a tickling sensation while pressing harder will create sweet pain on your subs skin. Dragging it sideways will scratch their skin. How do you like your sensation play? Your choice to create whichever sensation your mind takes you. You can build the sensation up slowly as the pain threshold gets stronger building to extreme sensational play

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