BRUTUS Screw You 3 Piece Ribbed Silicone Sounds Set - Black

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The BRUTUS Screw You 3 Piece Ribbed Silicone Sounds Set comes with three ribbed sounds all with different thicknesses (5 mm, 9 mm, and 11 mm) which are made soft, premium silicone, making your experience smoother with the ribbed structure making it even hornier!

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This BRUTUS Screw You 3 Piece Ribbed Silicone Sounds Set makes a perfect sounding set due to coming with three thicknesses. The first is just 5 mm and more achievable by most, the 9 mm marks a bit more of a challenge, with the 11 mm the ultimate goal! The material is soft premium silicone which feels smooth and will make entry that little bit easier. The ribbed structure will add to the sensations you will feel as you push each silicone screw inside your urethra.

Urethral sounds are traditionally used for medical purposes and for probing and dilating passages within the body. The activity is now hugely popular amongst many men who enjoy the horny sensations due to the human urethra being filled with sensitive nerve endings which often enjoy being stimulated! We recommend starting you journey into sounding slowly, and using plenty of lube.

Start while you are soft and place some lube right at the entrance of your penis. Hold your penis at a 90-degree angle from your body and slowly slip the ribbed silicone sound in. Try to let the gravity and weight of the sound pull the sound down into your penis naturally. Once it's inserted around four inches, it usually will rotate slightly. Once you have the sound in place and you feel comfortable, experiment with a few light gentle strokes of your penis, increase the stokes if so be, and enjoy the climactic finale!

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Size Chart

Diameter 5mm - 9mm - 11mm.

Total Length 154 mm.

Insertable Length 145 mm.

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