BRUTUS Shower Nozzle Douche - Black

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BRUTUS Shower Nozzle Douche - Black

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to get intimate while also taking care of your hygiene? BRUTUS offers the perfect solution with the Shower Nozzle Douche! Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this shower nozzle is designed to be ultra-reliable and its improved water pressure restriction keeps you safe from any accidental water surges. Its ribbed bottom provides a better grip even with wet or slippery hands, while the O-ring washer included in the package makes sure the nozzle stays protected.


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BRUTUS Shower Nozzle Douche - Black

Get that deep clean with the BRUTUS Shower Nozzle Douche! This high-end nozzle is an all-in-one solution for that extra deep clean that you’ve been longing for. This incredible product is made with superior ABS plastic quality designed to ensure it can stand up to the toughest showers. With an internal water pressure setting, you won’t have to worry about excess water pressure that may cause you harm in the shower. 

No more worries about dropping the product from slippery wet hands either! This nozzle comes with a ribbed bottom that gives you the perfect grip when you’re in there scrub-a-dub-dubbin’. And it comes complete with a handy O-ring and washer right in the package - so you can install it quickly with ease. 

When you need something to help get those harder to reach places, the BRUTUS shower nozzle is the perfect tool for you! At 14 cm long and 17.5 mm wide, this nozzle is the perfect size for any shower setup. Get into those hard-to-reach spots with the BRUTUS Nozzle and take your cleaning to the next level!

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