BRUTUS Beaded Chain Silicone Anal Balls Black

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These Beaded Chain Silicone Anal Balls from Brutus come on a 58 cm chain featuring 15 balls in total with each ball removal hotter than the last! The balls are made from a high-grade silicone, making them super soft to touch and easier to insert than most. You will feel the stretch of each and every bead of this chain as you go deeper inside.

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With 56 cm of insertable length, these BRUTUS Beaded Chain Silicone Anal Balls provide enough to satisfy the most hardcore of anal enthusiasts with the firm loop at the end giving you total control so they're also ideal for beginners who want to explore anal play and work themselves up to all 15 balls! It's made from a durable silicone material which feels soft and is easy to insert.

Anal balls and beads are designed to give you an entirely unique kind of sensation. Take your time to enjoy and go in slowly. Many users find they biggest thrill is upon release. Try pulling them out while you are masturbating and enjoy an incredible climax! These anal balls can be used in solo play with the hook giving you full support as you can go in as far or as deep as you like They can also be used in conjunction with another guy as part of foreplay or even the main event! Check out our entire Brutus range for other sex toys for you to enjoy.

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Size Chart

Total Length - 58.5 cm.

Insertable Length - 56 cm.

Diameter - 10 - 24 mm.

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