The Addicted Jockstrap range

This sexy range of jockstraps from Addicted is not only very sexy but it highlights all you assets as well. Some have enhancing features making sure that you can show off all your best parts. The fabric selection is great as it supports all your features whilst it is also very comfortable to wear. Have a look at the range, we are hopeful there is a pair in our collection that is right for you. 

Why by an Addicted Jockstrap?

One of the main reasons is the quality, it just wears so well. In addition to this we feel that the colours and design combination Addicted uses is stylish, bold and will get you notice. Born in 2009 in Barcelona, Addicted has been around for many years and they have a lot of experience in sourcing the right materials and combining it with the right design aesthetic. You will also see an AD logo in this range with stands for Addicted Fetish. AD focusses on the more erotic side of our audience whereas the original Addicted Jockstrap range has more of a fashionable character. 


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