Sportsheets: Fur-Lined Paddle

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Release your inner-dom with the fur-lined paddle. You’ll soon be shouting bend over bad boy and take your punishment.
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What makes the Manbound Fur-Lined Paddle so great:
• The tender feel of fur or the cheek-stinging power of leather? You decide.
• A real adrenaline buzz
• Top quality leather
• Travel size, take it anywhere
• High quality intense wanking.
• Best value

Effective and versatile, the fur and Leather Paddle is reinforced with just enough flexibility. This 14.75 inch paddle features fleece on one side leather on the other.

This kinky paddle offers the joys of soft sensory play with hard dominatrix spanking, this paddle is guaranteed to send your submissive partner in to a real adrenaline buzz.

Slap, tickle and stroke! This paddle is capable of teasing the skin with the gentle fur side, it also spanks softly with a muffled blow.

Misbehaving is not an option, flip the paddle to the leather side for a slicker, sharper spank with the potential to make his eyes water.

This Manbound: Fur-Lined Paddle measures 14.75 inches from handle to paddle tip, a spanking surface area of 9 inches in length by 3 inches.

Length: 14.5 inches
Material: Leather
Fur Lined

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Size Chart Length: 14.5 inches
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