Rocks Off Rude-Boy Xtreme Prostate Massager (Black)

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Rocks Off Rude-Boy Xtreme Prostate Massager (Black)

Want to hit your P-spot hard for great anal pleasure and intense orgasms? Look not further. The Rude Boy Xtreme from Rocks Off has it all at great value. It has 10 settings delivering ultimate vibes and the dual independent motors will make you quiver in enjoyment. It has so many features taking prostate fun to the next level. More information below in the details area.

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Rocks Off Rude-Boy Xtreme Prostate Massager (Black)

Love Xtreme P-spot stimulation and intense orgasms?

This new product from Rocks off will satisfy all of you that like to give P-spot a good seeing to. With 10 different and powerful vibration and pulsation levels, the Rude Boy Xtreme is a pure anal pleasure provider. To ensure this product delivers strong powerful orgasms, they have introduced dual independent motors. This new technology takes the Rude Boy Xtreme to new levels surpassing many prostate massagers

In addition to all the power this beauty provides, it has even more to offer:

Waterproof: love to please yourself or your partner whilst having a bath, no problem. The Rude Boy Xtreme is fully waterproof so you can enjoy it at any time no matter how wet the situation is.

Remote control: here is where the hands-free fun begins. You can let the Rude Boy do his thing whilst you take care of your manhood, double pleasure! Another fun thing to do is to insert the massager, it is very comfortable, and let your partner/play buddy have the control and decide when the pleasure starts and at what intensity.

Tip: Even though this product is ergonomically shaped and has a great body fit, some anal lube will help increase the pleasure. Perfectly suited are water based and hybrid lubes. In particular hybrid lube is recommended. This is because it has a small dose of silicone in it. This makes the lube “wet” for longer and it is such a small amount of silicone it does not damage the toy. Silicone lube itself can be damaging to sex toys.

If all this information is still not enough to ensure you that this is a great buy, we have selected some reviews from our customers highlighting the joy they have received from Rocks off products.

Review by Ben

“I was given this as a cheeky gift. My friends thought I needed to lighten up, fukkers! I know it was joke and all that but now I use this all the time for just fun or when I need some relief after a shitty day! Guess the joke is on them haha”.

Review by Bruno D

“I tried all the Aneros massagers, which I love, so I thought I try Rock off for a change and was not disappointed. The vibes are strong and it made me cum harder than normal. My new go to”!

Review by Nasir

“Great anal fun and love the fact the manhood element is included, wearing whilst having fun adds to the pleasure”.

To us it comes as no surprise that Rocks Off deliver quality products. We have been to their factory and office. The care that goes into the concept, design and production of their products is amazing. A lot of time is spent on research and testing, just so you can hit that P-spot and be fully satisfied. They have many years of experience and won several UK and global awards for their products. I am sure the Rude Boy Xtreme is a winner as well.

Besides the hours of fun this product will provide, here are some dry facts and stats to help you decide if this is indeed the prostate massagers of your choice:

  • Hits the spot well and fits like a glove
  • Great value
  • High quality for lasting pleasure
  • For added fun it can be remotely controlled.
  • 10 deeply powerful vibration and pulsation levels
  • Ergonomically shaped for ultimate internal and external satisfaction
  • Velvet touch flexible body safe silicon for intense body fit
  • Precision hands free stimulation
  • Dual Powerful Independent dual motors
  • 100 % fully waterproof
  • USB magnetic charge
  • 2 hours charge for 1 hour of play
  • 3 secs turn on/off

I hope you enjoy this as much as our other customers have, leave a product review, and share your thoughts. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to keep up to date of all our promotions and new product offerings.


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