OXBALLS Slug-1 Reversible Ball Stretcher (Silver)

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OXBALLS Slug-1 Reversible Ball Stretcher (Silver)


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This Oxballs ball stretcher has a perfect 2 inch (504cm) stretch. The Slug-1 is a reversible and features a nubbed or ribbed interior. You balls will hang free and have a great swing when in action. 

What makes the Oxballs ball strecher Slug 1 so great:

- Reversible providing different sensations.
- Great price
- A great alternative to metal ball stretchers.
- Your balls look super HOT.

The specially made thermo plastic rubber warms up quickly to body temperature. The Slug 1 is perfect for those that find leather or metal too restrictive.

The 'nubbed-textured' side provides extra squeeze! If you prefer more lenght then we also have the Oxballs Slug 2 which is longer at 2.75 inches (7.2cm) 

Adjustable: Super Stretchy
Height:  2 inches (5.4cm)
Inner Diameter 1.05 inches (2.7cm)
Material Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)

Washing Instructions: Wash in hot, soapy water. Also dishwasher safe.

This OXBALLS ball stretcher is safe to use with all lubricants. 

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Height: 2 inches (5.4cm)
Inner Diameter 1.05 inches (2.7cm)

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