OXBALLS Silicone Urethral Sounds (Red)

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OXBALLS Silicone Urethral Sounds (Red)


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If you like to use urethral sounds then these 2 are a great buy.  The high quality silicone and the great design ensure that these deliver intense sensations. A must have for powerful cock play. 

Why buy the OXBALLS silicone urethral sounds?

•    Great value as you get 2 different sizes.
•    Handy hook for easy grip and control
•    Fantastic sounding sensations
•    Ultra smooth medical silicone
•    OXBALLS means quality guaranteed

¬    The smooth sound starts from 6mm and gradually tapers to 10.5mm.
¬    The graduated sound goes from 6mm up to a pleasurable 12mm.

The pack you will receive contains two OXBALLS Silicone Urethral Sounds made from flexible pure medical grade silicone. The first silicone urethral sound is easiest to use as it features a slimmer tip that gets gently thicker. The second one goes that extra bit bigger for seriously intense pleasure.

They are so easy to use, just simply lube up using your favourite medical grade lubricant for fantastic sounding sensations.

Length: Smooth Sound: 115mm, Graduated Sound: 110mm
Width: Smooth Sound: 6mm - 10.5mm, Graduated Sound: 6mm - 9mm - 12mm
Material: Pure Platinum Silicone
Quantity: 2 Sounds

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