My.Size 49mm Condoms - 3PK

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My.Size Condoms have been designed to give you the closest fit to your measurements as possible. there is nothing comparable.

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My.Size 49mm Condoms - 3PK, have been researched and have been put together as a range, so that all sizes are covered,  there is nothing out there in the Condom market that can compare. It's the first time ever a range of condoms have been created in 7 different sizes, each person is different and therefore each persons width and girth can also vary. So now you can buy a condom that will fit your size. It only feels right, when it fits right!!

Putting on the wrong condom size can cause breakage and even slip off. being too tight can cause a tightness and even a loss of sensation, they can really hamper your total pleasure.

when Condoms afre sold,  sizes generally aren't mentioned as they are usually manufactured as one size and can vary between 52 – 56 mm.

Very few condoms are available in size 57 mm, based on what's on the market 57mm would be deemed large

However, if we look at recent studies on erect penis size, widths of 58 - 61mm were actually found to be the average sizes.

My.Size offer greater comfort, safety and feeling!

Follow our guide in how to measure yourself to get the correct size condom for you!!

More Information
Size Chart

Nominal width: 49mm

Length: 160mm

Material: natural rubber latex

Form: cylindrical

Lubricant: silicon

Reservoir: yes

Wallthickness: 0.07mm

Quality: ISO 4074

Available packaging: 3s, 10s,

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