Manbound: Leather Pig Impression Spanking Paddle - 12 Inch

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Bend over! And take it like a PIG. The 12-inch Manbound leather 'PIG' impression-spanking paddle is real treat for guys looking to add a little kink in the bedroom


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What makes the leather 'PIG' impression spanking paddle so great:
• High quality intense spanking tool.
• Make a lasting impression.
• Perfectly balanced spanking paddle
• Best value.

This is a quality leather paddle with satisfyingly stiff wide handle and a flexible end that will a leave a red imprint "PIG" on your partners arse. Spank me!

The ‘PIG’ Impression paddle is made of two split layers of top-quality leather and stitching. This spanker is flexible enough to give a reassuringly firm whack!

This paddle features a steel ring and wrist strap mean you can carry or hang it anywhere.

Length: 12 inches
Material: Leather
Impression: PIG

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Size Chart Length: 12 inches
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