Fetish & Restraint

Fetish & Restraint

Welcome to our gay fetish shop area. Here you will find every thing to do with Gay BDSM, Fisting and more. With a massive collection of various products of all the big and lessar known brands we are sure we have something that will meet your kink.Let's get it in on. 

Gay Fetish Shop area at Bent

This is where all the kink happens and here we confirm that we are more than just a gay sex toys and underwear store. We have so many products in the Bent Gay Fetish Shop area it is hard to provide a short overview. In short, we have divided the area in Gay BDSM, C&B, Leather, electro sex, Nipple play, leather and anal fisting. We have been looking all over to find you the Fetish Gear that is not only sexy but also a great price. We aim to buy everything directly from the supplier to ensure we can offer you the very best price. Please note that all orders over £20 will come with free shipping. For those of you that cannot find the product you are looking for please contact us and we will do our level best to get it in for you. We are continuously looking for more Gay Fetish Gear so this area will be worth visiting once in a while to check if we have some more horny gear for you.

Best Sellers in our Gay Fetish Shop area 

Anal Fisting; one of the most popular areas we have is our fisting area. We have a great selection of essential here. Bestselling anal fisting lubes like J Lube, Fist It and the Mister B Fisting ranges. Naturally we have a solid Fisting Glove Selection as well as some sex sheets that will keep everything nice and clean. We all want to be clean whilst getting fisted, so we have some great anal douches for you.

Gay BDSM; in this area we have a massive collection of products that will tie up in various ways. From restraints to slings, ropes and blindfolds. In the part of our Gay Fetish Shop you will find it all.

Male or Gay Chastity Cages; for these items you have to go to the cock and ball areas where you will find a great selection of these beauties. Never knew some many men love locking up their cock. Also in this area you will find our hugely popular ball stretcher range, to see them all in one place you can also visit our Ball Stretcher area

Electro Sex; shockingly good and massively popular. In particular the electro masturbator and anal plugs are a huge hit. These toys are not cheap but worth every single penny!

Gay Fetish Gear in our Shop

We also have some great Fetish Gear here. In the leather selection you will find some really hot jockstraps from brand such as Mister B. For those that enjoy going to fetish parties we have some great harnesses, wrist bands and other accessories that will make you look the part.

Overall there is so much to select from in this area that we hope you will find whatever it is you are looking. If you want to stay up to date with all things kink, please sign up to our newsletter. Through newsletters we keep everybody up-to-date with the latest additions to our Gay Fetish Shop area. In addition, we send out all sorts of promotions and voucher code offers making sure you get the very best value when shopping with us.

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  1. Fisting Rubber Gloves Wrist - Black
    Fisting Rubber Gloves Wrist - Black
    As low as £11.99
  2. Fisting Rubber Gloves Elbow - Black
    Fisting Rubber Gloves Elbow - Black
    As low as £18.80
  3. FIST Grease Numbing - 400ml
    FIST Grease Numbing - 400ml
    Special Price £15.99 Regular Price £19.99
  4. Fisting Rubber Gloves Shoulder - Black
    Fisting Rubber Gloves Shoulder - Black
    As low as £19.19
  5. FIST Logo Jockstap - White
    FIST Logo Jockstrap - White
    As low as £18.00
  6. Fukker Jockstrap - Black
    Fukker Jockstrap - Black
    As low as £9.98
  7. FIST Boot Sock - Black
    FIST Boot Sock - Black
    Special Price £8.54 Regular Price £8.99
  8. Fukker Jockstrap - Blue
    Fukker Jockstrap - Blue
    As low as £9.98
  9. Fisting Mitten - Black
    Fisting Mitten - Black
    As low as £13.59
  10. FIST Boot Sock - Blue
    FIST Boot Sock - Blue
    Special Price £8.54 Regular Price £8.99
  11. Fukker Jockstrap - Camo
    Fukker Jockstrap - Camo
    As low as £9.98
  12. FIST Boot Sock - Red
    FIST Boot Sock - Red
    Special Price £8.54 Regular Price £8.99
  13. Fist Flexi Anal Douche - Red
    Fist Flexi Anal Douche - Red
    Special Price £16.80 Regular Price £21.00
  14. Fukker Jockstrap - Red
    Fukker Jockstrap - Red
    As low as £9.98
  15. FIST Boot Sock - White
    FIST Boot Sock - White
    Special Price £8.54 Regular Price £8.99
  16. FIST Grease Numbing - 150ml
    FIST Grease Numbing - 150ml
    Special Price £8.79 Regular Price £10.99
  17. FIST Boot Sock - Yellow
    FIST Boot Sock - Yellow
    Special Price £8.54 Regular Price £8.99
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