Colt Hot Hole Warming Masturbator

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Colt Hot Hole Warming Masturbator
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The Colt Hot Hole Masturbator is a unique warming masturbator that will surely provide you with a lot of sizzling hot intimate fun.

- Ultra life-like skin material
- Uniquely textured chamber for added sensation
- Soft, tight and stretchy
- Soothing massager warms with the click of the inner metal disk
- Warms to an incredible 131F/55C
- Body safe, non toxic, phthalate-free
- Reusable; Boil to reactivate

The design has a uniquely texture interior for maximum stimulation and offers a tight, pleasurable fit. The masturbator comes with two soothing heating rods that warm up with the click of the inner metal disc.

The heating rods are reusable and can simple be inserted into the special designated warming slots for another steamy session.

The design is made of lifelike Pureskin material.

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